Closer and closer

Well, today was about driving.

We left Indiana at about 5am and started heading southeast.  There were a couple of stops here and there.  Mom wanted to stop to get some music that “will keep us awake.”  Her choice:  The Black Eyed Peas.  🙂

So, we drove through Louisville, Nashville, Chattanooga, Atlanta, and Macon.  (Clearly, there were other cities and towns, but those were the big ones.

We got to Fort Valley, GA in plenty of time to visit Lane Southern Orchards – they have GREAT peaches and peach products.  They also have fabulous pecans and pecan products.  Oh, and strawberries.  And all kinds of other stuff.  Great stop!

Another hour of driving brought us to Cordele, GA, where we’ve stopped for the night.  We had dinner at this little steak dinner buffet place.  Most of the food was pretty good.  The chicken was a little dry, but the rice was delicious.  Mom said the peach cobbler was great.  I said it had better damned well be since this is the state for peaches!  The banana pudding was pretty good.

Tomorrow we have a fairly leisurely drive down to Orlando.  We get to sleep in a bit, which will be nice.  If all goes well, we’ll be rolling into Orlando sometime in the mid-afternoon.  Yay!

Fun fun!!

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