Getting there

A quick update…

We’ve been in Southern Indiana since yesterday evening.  Had a pretty good time here at the casino.  Paula Deen’s buffet is really quite good.

Mom and I got the “rewards” card to earn points while gambling.  Yeah, we earned a lot of points at the penny slots. LOL

Mom “won” a free meal at the buffet as reward for signing up…that paid for half of breakfast.

I “won” $5 of free slot play.  I played with that $5 last night and most of today.  At one point, I was up to $50, but I eventually lost it all.  No big deal since it wasn’t my money. 🙂  I did end up losing $10 of my own money, but that was much less than my $20  budget.  Mom broke even, I believe, or even came out about $10 ahead.  All in all, not too bad.

Tomorrow we head for Atlanta!

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